How to Properly Clean Your ViewSonic LCD Monitor

How to Properly Clean Your ViewSonic LCD Monitor

ViewSonic offers a wide range of monitors and displays. Cleaning an LCD ViewSonic display is a more involved task than cleaning a screen that is made of or covered by glass. In order to keep your ViewSonic display clean while adhering to the factory warranty that protects your purchase, follow these guidelines to clean and protect your display’s screen as prescribed by ViewSonic.

Before attempting to maintain your ViewSonic monitor, make sure the display is turned off. If there is no signal to the monitor it can appear to be off as the screen will be black. Unplug the display from the power source to prevent shock during your cleaning.

Start by wiping the screen with a lint-free cloth towel or rag. The dry wipe will remove the larger dust and debris that may have collected on the surface of the display. Static electricity may make it difficult to capture or remove each individual particle that is visible on the screen. Wipe the screen to get most of what you can see from the screen before moving on.

Apply an alcohol-free, ammonia-free glass cleaner to a lint-free cloth. Avoid spraying the glass cleaner directly onto the display itself. Wipe the screen with the cloth until you have sufficiently reached each corner and removed the spots and other bodies from the screen. Continue wiping the screen with a dry section of the cloth until the screen is dried and the streaks of the glass cleaner have evaporated.

The case of the display requires a different cleaning method. Use a dry lint-free cloth to wipe the case around the display. Wet the cloth with water and add an alcohol-free, ammonia-free cleaner that is not abrasive. Clean the case around the display and rinse the cleaning solution from the case with a separate wet cloth.

It is key that you avoid alcohol and ammonia when cleaning the monitor – especially the screen. The two agents will degrade any coating that has been applied to your Viewsonic screen and render non-glare treatment ineffective. Evidence of alcohol or ammonia use will also be terms for voiding the manufacturer’s warranty on the display. 

Clean your ViewSonic monitor as often as you see fit. If you are finding the need to clean your monitor as frequently as once weekly, consider using a cover to protect your display when you are not using it.

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