What Are The 4 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs?

What Are The 4 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Garnering the interest of the virtual user base and appealing to them in such a way that they move in deeper into the sales funnel- this is the primary objective of any business today that has a web presence. Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient and cost effective tools in the business’ internet marketing arsenal. It gives the business owners the opportunity to communicate with a global audience with ease and bring their products/services closer to the marketplace and the end user. For the affiliates too, it is a simple and effective way to earn money online. Here are some of the four best and most popular affiliate marketing programs reigning supreme today:

1. Amazon

As the precursor to the affiliate marketing concept, Amazon is surely a name to reckon within this arena. Despite the many competitors who have come up in recent years, Amazon has retained its popularity as an excellent affiliate ally mainly because of its extremely user-friendly format. Non-technical business people, in particular, find this as an amazing advantage that allows them to compete on par with manpower rich, tech savvy, capital rich competitors.  

With commissions up to 10% for direct sales of some products and the backing of this highly trustworthy company, choosing Amazon as an affiliate marketing partner is definitely a smart move for any business. 

2. Clickbank

Digital product sellers often rely on Clickbank to boost their affiliate marketing efforts. Over a hundred thousand affiliates make this one a very popular choice indeed and the reputation for timely payments has only helped Clickbank grow by leaps and bounds in this niche.  A whopping 6000 products can be promoted on your website once you have registered for your Clickbank affiliate ID. The commission rates are among the best in the marketplace, which means that every sale can yield up to 75% at a maximum. Clearly Clickbank has everything in place to make its way steadily to the top of the affiliate marketing pyramid. 

3. Tradebit

Another affiliate marketing site with a  digital focus, Tradebit makes the whole process simple for even a beginner. A blog or site owner just has to promote the products by encouraging digital downloads and the Tradebit site offers a comprehensive toolset complete with widgets to make this really easy and quick. The high commission rates and reliable weekly payout system has succeeded in helping Tradebit make waves in the affiliate marketing world. 

4. eBay

Just like Amazon, eBay pays out commissions to partners depending on the sales figures they can manage. The perfect affiliate partner for bloggers and site owners concentrating on a specific niche, eBay offers incredible versatility with its virtually unlimited product range. The new customer bonus is a special feature of eBay’s affiliate marketing that has drawn quite a bit of favorable attention in the marketplace. This actually works very well for both the affiliate marketer and eBay, because it encourages the exploration of brand new market segments in a bid to convert these audiences into customers. 

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